Welcome to theomagica.com. This webpage is an open resource to all students of the Western occult mystery tradition. It is built and maintained as a constantly expanding library - focussed on the genuine practice and unbiased study of all forms of Western magic.  

All content has been designed, created, written and published by myself. I am a sole practitioner of visionary and ritual Western magic for more than twenty years. I am not affiliated to any magical lodge, coven or order. 


Note: This page was formerly known as 'myoccultcircle.com'. All content and pages have been transferred to this new domain. 

  • Circle of Practice: contains longer reports and instructions on magical practices and rituals.  
  • Circle of Theory: contains longer articles and private studies on Western Magic in many of its forms.
  • Free Tools: here you can find a few essential tools that make the magician's life much easier. Especially when it coms to math.
  • Free eBooks: check this section out of if you are up for more thorough studies or an entire training course. All eBooks are available as iBook and PDF.
  • Blogposts by Topics: the internet is a medium with an incredible pace - and much more content than anybody of us can read. So take your own time - here you can scroll and search through all previous posts by subject category.